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Trustmark Hardest Hit Fund

At Trustmark, we realize that many homeowners may be experiencing financial difficulties due to economic downturns in our area.  As a result, many homeowners may have difficulty making their mortgage payments.  As part of our ongoing effort to assist homeowners, Trustmark is participating in the Hardest Hit Fund (HHF) programs.

What is the Hardest Hit Fund?

The Hardest Hit Fund was created by the federal government to assist homeowners in states that have been affected by recent housing and economic downturns.  These programs are only available in selected states.  Each state is responsible for eligibility requirements and assistance amounts.  Trustmark Bank does not initiate the application process nor does it have any approval authority for any of the Hardest Hit Fund programs.  Each homeowner is responsible for applying for assistance with their state agency.  The state agency is responsible for the approval process.

How can I participate in HHF?

Hardest Hit Fund programs are available in select states.  Please review the list below to visit your state programs.

Alabama: www.hardesthitalabama.com
Georgia: www.homesafegeorgia.com
Kentucky: www.kyhousing.org/protect
Mississippi: www.mshomesaver.com
Tennessee: www.keepmytnhome.org
South Carolina: www.SCmortgagehelp.com
Florida: www.flhardesthithelp.org

HHF programs are designed and administered by each state’s Housing Finance Agency (HFA). Most of these programs are aimed at helping unemployed homeowners remain in their homes while they search for new employment and those who owe more on their mortgage than their home is worth.

To find out more about this Federal Program and all the states that participate in the HHF, please click the link below 

Hardest Hit Fund - Treasury 

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