Personal Banking Services

Extras You Expect:
From Travelers Checks to Safe Deposit Boxes.

Travelers Checks - Travelers Checks are easily exchanged for goods and services or cash by merchants and banks throughout the world. Available in a variety of denominations ($20, $50, $100, $500), they are considered the best safeguard against the permanent loss of cash.

  • If your Travelers Checks are lost or stolen, they can be replaced promptly.
  • The minimum  purchase for traditional Travelers Checks is $100.
  • The standard fee is 1.5% per each $100 purchase.
  • Customers with the Prime of Life or Relationship checking accounts receive their Travelers Checks free of service charges when purchased at a Trustmark office. (American Express Travelers "Cheques for Two" not included.)

Night deposits - The night deposit vault at Trustmark is a safe method for making after-hours deposits. Individual customers use deposit envelopes, while commercial customers use special night deposit bags.
Wire transfer services - This service allows funds to be wired to our wire transfer department or directly into a customer's deposit account.
Safe deposit boxes - Trustmark's safe deposit boxes consist of individual steel compartments of various sizes, each with two separate locks.

  • Accessible only to authorized parties who must sign for each access.
  • Boxes are available to customers anytime during regular banking hours.
  • Boxes are rented annually, and rent payments may be deducted from any type of Trustmark account.
  • Prices vary with the size of each box.


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