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Public Services:
Managing the Special Financial Needs of Government Entities

Government entities have unique needs in money management – needs that require special understanding of how you deposit, invest, and borrow. Looking for advice that works? You’re in the right place. Let Trustmark’s team work for you.

Cash Management Services

Need to improve your bottom line by accelerating cash inflows and controlling cash outflows? Trustmark’s cash management services can help. Whatever your needs are, Trustmark can help find the right solutions.


Make stop payments from the convenience of your computer. Initiate transfers among Trustmark accounts. Efficiently and inexpensively move money from one bank to another. TrustNet Web is Trustmark’s Internet-based balance reporting and funds transfer system that features summary and detail reporting. Use it to pay your employees or to collect from your customers. TrustNet Web gives you optimum control over your funds.

Faxess Balance Reporting

The same balance and transaction information received from TrustNet is also available through FAXESS. Have customized balance and/or detailed transaction reports faxed to your office daily.

Wholesale Lockbox

Problems with a monthly payment collection process? Use Trustmark’s wholesale lockbox services. Our standard service includes maintaining a post office box on your behalf, daily mail pick-ups, same day deposits and mail notification of remittances. Other services are available to meet your specific needs. Let us know your needs and we’ll present solutions.

Retail Lockbox

If you’ve got large volumes of small dollar monthly consumer payments to collect, Trustmark can help with retail lockbox services. Standard service includes maintaining a post office box on your behalf, daily mail pick-ups, same day deposits and data transmission of remittances.

Direct Deposit of Employee Pay

Save your time and save your employees’ time. Reduce your costs for check stock and storage. Eliminate lost or stolen payroll checks. Just deliver a file to Trustmark prior to payday, and on the morning of payday we’ll deliver your employees' net pay to their accounts at any financial institutions through the ACH system.

Electronic Bill Payment

Offer your customers the convenience to pay you automatically with Electronic Bill Payment. Upon receipt of payment information, your customers are charged and corresponding credit is given to your account.

Account Reconciliation

Save time and expense with Trustmark’s partial or full account reconciliation services. With partial recon, a cleared transactions file is delivered to you via magnetic tape, diskette or transmission through TrustNet Web. With full reconciliation, you company gives us a file containing checks issued and deposits made, we match it to posted items in our system, and deliver a report to you.

Check Images

We now offer an imaged copy of all cleared checks on CD Rom. The easy to read images are of the check’s front and back. Search for a specific check by entering the account number, date cleared, amount, or check number. It’s fast, clear, and at your fingertips.

Tax Payment Service

Through Trustmark's electronic tax depositing service, companies can make tax deposits by TouchTone® telephone or personal computer. This service helps facilitate compliance with government mandates and/or automates what you are currently doing with the paper-intensive, manual depositing system.

Benefits Include:

  • Customer initiation of tax deposits through your local bank
  • Local support for system problems

Deposit & Investment Services

Trustmark can assist with your deposit and investment needs no matter the size of the transaction. Our team can answer your questions concerning checking account transactions and investments. With variety of accounts, we will work to find best solutions to meet your needs.

Financing Services

To serve your financing needs, Trustmark handles a range of funding options for state agencies, municipalities, counties, school districts and other public entities. Financing options include:

  • General Obligations
  • Anticipation Obligations
  • Limited Tax Obligations
  • Special Tax Obligations
  • Revenue Obligations
  • Lease-Purchase Financing
  • Certificates of Participation

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON PUBLIC SERVICES PLEASE CONTACT: Ben Aldridge, 601-208-5003 or 1-800-844-2000 Ext. 5003.

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